Active Regional Earthquake Forecasting System (AREFS)


       The INENCO RAS Center is offering the VLF-ULF frequencies generator set which is comprised of a highly stable generator of an approximate power of 200 kW, a horizontal transmitting antenna in the form of 50 km power line, a set of specially equipped detection-recording blocks and software for experimental data interpretation. The generator operates in a radius of up to 1500 km from its center.
      The generator makes it possible to measure the variations in the Earth's electrical conduction with an accuracy of up to 98 %, and, as is well known, before earthquakes the Earth's electrical conduction varies no less than up to 10 %.

    The generator makes it possible to solve the following applied and scientific problems:
  1. long-term (2 - 3 months) and short-term (2 - 3 days) earthquake forecast based on monitoring the electrical properties of the deep layers of the Earth's crust;
  2. locating base geoelectrical sections of the crust's structure over a large area;
  3. discovering natural resources based on geological structure mapping in ore-prospect regions;
  4. deep layer forecast of petroleum-gas deposits including those located on shelfs;
  5. site selection for earthquake-resistant structures.
      During the last 20 years our specialists have gained substantial experience in geophysical measurements using controllable powerful generators of electromagnetic fields in very low and ultra-low frequency bands. Signals in the frequency range of 0,3 - 20 Hz have been registered at a distance of 500 - 1500 km by using experimental stationary and mobile transmission sets of a power of 30 - 50 kW. The capacity of the Russian ULF radiostation for geophysics purposes has been analysed in the Caucasian geodynamic range and also during measurements in Scandinavia in co-operation with Swedish and Finnish investigators. Work is currently being completed for the construction of such a geophysical set for The People's Republic of China.
      The main results of said work have been published in Russian and foreign scientific publications. The project proposal was favourably sitted by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on December 19, 1995. The proposal was supported by the following world-known Russian academicians: A.A. Gonchar, E.P. Velickov, N.P. Laverov. G.A. Sobolev.
      The Research Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the problem of "Radiophysic methods of seas, oceans and the earth's crust" (chaired by academician V.A. Kotelnikov) annually takes a view of the results of theoretical and experimental investigations in that area.
      As far as the INENCO RAS Center knows, besides Russia only the United States of America has experience in the practical use of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation (in particular in the cause of geophysics). (Since the late 70 a low-frequency transmitting station has been operating in Michigan).
      If the above-stated falls within the field of your scientific and practical interests, we would be ready to co-operate with you and sign a contract for the production of the generator set.
      Depending on specific circumstances, the AREFS generator set is expected to be priced at about 4.5 million Euros.
      If you are interested, we would be ready to send you more detailed information about the set.

Transmitting and receiving complex for the active electromagnetic monitoring and earthquake prediction(in pdf)
Transmitting and receiving complex for the active electromagnetic monitoring and earthquake prediction(in ppt)

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