Division of Geophysics & Radiophysics

Head of Division - Dr. Lev B. Pesin

Head of Division
Dr. Lev B. Pesin
The Division of Geophysics & Radiophysics is dealing with the development of methods of electromagnetic exploring of thr Earth-crust.
The electromagnetic exploring is one of the most effective methods of geological survey. This method is based on measurements of an electrical and magnetic components of electromagnetic field on a Earth surface. The ratio of these components depends essentially by amplitude and pahse on electrical properties of the Earth-crust.
The investigation of the deep layers of the Earth (up to several tens kilometres) is required the application of the lowest frequencies (0.1-30 Hz), which penetrate into Earth-crust. In present time the natural electromagnetic fields are used mainly for such researches. The accuracy of such measurements is low because of weak colleration between measure4d field components. It is explained by large number of casual natural sources forming the field in the point of measurements.
Artificial pulse sources of a field are also used in geophysics, but they have low power and consequently can cover only small territories. Also such sources generate irregular signals that limited the possibility of exact repetition of experiment.
New opportunities appear while using the normalized sources of electromagnetic field constructed on the basis of high-stable generator of sine wave fluctuations.

The advantages of method are:

  • high accuracy of measurements caused by high colleration between components of electromagnetic field;
  • possibility to realize the large times of signal accumulation (up to 1000 sec) that provides the realization of simultaneous measurements on the large territories (on distances up to 1000-1500 km from radiator);
  • possibility of exact repetition of experiment.
Center INENCO offers technology for the development of generator-measuring equipment in a range of the lowest frequences. It contains:
  • High-stable generator of sine wave fluctuations with control system in frequency range of 0.1-30 Hz with capacity not less than 100 kW (can be manufactured in stationary and mobile variants);
  • Transmitting antenna as a part of electric line (in lengh of tens kilometres) with ground connection;
  • Equipment for coordination of the lowest frequence generator with transmitting antenna;
  • Network of mobile receiving stations including receiving antennas, receiving devices, device of preliminary data processing and their record on magnetic carriers;
  • Software for interpretation of experimental data.
The proposed equipment allows to investigate the deep structure of the Earth-crust with purposes of :
  • early forecasting of earthquakes;
  • search of natural resources;
  • research of burial areas of nuclear and toxic wastes.

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