Environmental Indices: Systems Analysis Approach

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PART I   Plenary Session

  1. Environmental indices - old problems, new challenges. An overview  
  of the role of environmental indices in science and policy 3
  D.E. Hyatt  
  2. Landscapes as health indicators for regional eco-balances 12
  R.J.M. Lenz  
  3. Analysis and simulation of environmental systems 24
  W.E. Grant, E.K. Pedersen, and S.L. Marin  
  4. Mathematical models for environmental monitoring 37
  A.B. Kurzhansk  

PART II  Modeling Session

  5. Environmental indices: transparent models and links to human activity 53
  D. O'Farrell  
  6.  Environmental indicators determined to depict ecosystem functionality 64
  F. Muller and H. Wiggering  
  7.  The making of index numbers under uncertainty 83
  N.V. Hovanov, Y.V. Fedotov, and V.V. Zakharov  
  8.  Two methods for the development of soil resilience indices 100
  I.G. Malkina-Pykh and Yu.A. Pykh  
  9. Climate change scenarios and long-term prediction of global warming  
  consequences: comparison analysis using environmental indices 116
  G.V. Menzhulin  
  10. Carbon dioxide emission as a global indicator of sustainable  
  development: scaling down from globe to regions 156
  G.A. Alexandrov and G.S. Golitsyn  
  11. On the possibility of ecological forecasting at the regional level 160
  D.M. Khomyakov and P.M. Khomyakov  
  12. Application of the method of double standardization for the  
  development of environmental indices 169
  Yu.A. Pykh and I.G. Malkina-Pykh  
  13. A method for strategic management of land 181
  Tian Xiang Yue, W. Haber, W.D. Grossmann, and H.D. Kasperidus  
  14. Global environmental assessment, sustainable development criteria and  
  mathematical modeling of living systems under extreme conditions 202
  V.V. Shakin  

PART III   Monitoring Session

  15.  The UK environmental change network and the Internet: their role  
  in detecting and interpreting environmental change 223
  T.W. Parr and D.J. Hirst  
  16.  The Hemeroby index for landscape monitoring and evaluation 237
  U. Steinhardt, F. Herzog, A. Lausch, E. Mutter, and S. Lehmann  
  17.  Barriers and bridges to the development of practical indicators for  
  environmental stewardship 255
  J.K. Levy, K.W. Hipel, and D.M. Kilgour  
  18.  Environmental monitoring in the Rotterdam region 272
  J. van Straaten  
  19.  Environmental indicators: adequacy of current monitoring systems  
  at global and regional level 283
  O.A. Novoselova  
  20.  Environmental indices design with remotely sensed data 287
  S.V. Victorov  

PART IV Environmental Media Indicators Session

  21.  A method to assess the environmental impact of farming systems  
  by means of agri-ecological indicators 297
  Ph. Girardin. C. Bockstaller, and H. Van der Werf  
  22.  Indicators for transboundary river basin management 313
  C.M. Lorenz, A.J. Gilbert, and W.P. Cofino  
  23.  Ecosystem maintenance indicators for the Slave River delta,  
  Northwest Territories, Canada 329
  D. Milburn, D.D. MacDonald, T.D. Prowse, and J.M. Gulp  
  24.  Conditional health indicators as a proxy for sustainability indicators 349
  J. Walker  
  25.  Quantitative methods of ecological control: diagnostics, standardization, prediction 363
  V.N. Maximov, N.G. Bulgakov, and A.P. Levich  
  26.  New indices for water quality assessment 382
  G.T. Frumin, O.M. Susareva, L.V. Barkan, O.A. Tchernykh, I.V. Bovykin, A.O. Rumyantsev, and A.S Grigoriev  
  27.  The photosynthetically active phytoplankton cell concentration  
  trend as a surface water state indicator 393
  S.V. Kholodkevich and V.A. Lubimtsev  
  28.  Global climate warming and stratospheric ozone depletion potentials  
  as environmental change indices 402
  I.L. Karol  
  29.  Snow cover as an indicator of urban territories condition 411
  L. Kitaev and E. Barabanova  
  30.  Indicators for the sustainable resolution of aquatic systems conflict  
  coupling ecological and institutional renewal 419
  J.K. Levy, D.M. Kilgour and K.W. Hipel  
  31.  The use of the universal water stress index in crop cultivation 435
  R.A. Poluektov  
  32.  Nonlinearity of an ecosystem response to toxic load: a fundamental  
  for environmental quality estimation 442
  E.L. Vorobeichik  
  33.  Environmental indicators of recent global warming 455
  I. Borzenkova  
  34.  The urban ecosystem and the method of its description in terms  
  of quality indices 466
  A.A. Muzalevsky and V.A. Isidorov  

PART V Social and Economic Issues and Sustainable Development Sessions

  35.  The SPARTACUS approach to assessing urban sustainability 479
  K. Lautso  
  36.  Environmental indices and public policy: a systems perspective on  
  impact assessment and development planning 494
  G. Schultink  
  37.  Environmental decision modeling systems 512
  J.J. Coleman  
  38.  The model of economical regulation of industrial emissions 519
  V.B. Kisselev, V.K. Kouznetsov, and R.M. Yusupov  
  39.  The need for standards in environmental information for a world  
  legal order 529
  A. Cammelli and E. Fameli  
  40.  The selection of national state and trend indicators for sustainable  
  development 546
  L. Eckel, J.K. Levy, K.W. Hipel, and DM. Kilgour  
  41.  Indicators for risk bearing by government in mine site remediation  
  financial assurance arrangements 559
  L. Eckel, J.K. Levy, and K. Fisher  
  42.  Taking a broader landscape view: an ecological assessment of the  
  mid-Atlantic region of the United States from space 572
  K.B. Jones, J.D. Wickham, K.H. Riitters, R.V. O'Neill, and R. Tankersley  
  43.  The concept of the regional social ecological economic model of  
  sustainable development and its application to the Pereslavl region 589
  V.I. Gwman and N.E. Kulbaka  
  44.  The necessity of demographic, medical and biological indicators in  
  elaboration of environmental indices: an approach to forecasting the health  
  state in St Petersburg under changing ecological conditions 606
  V.V. Khudoley  
  45.  Indices of the global ecological crisis and ecocatastrophes 615
  V.A. Zubakov  

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