International Journal on Ecological
Modelling and Systems Ecology
Volume 130/1-3 (2000)
  I S E M
  The Journal of the
  International Society for Ecological Modelling
SPECIAL ISSUE: Index 98 Workshop

R. Lenz and Y. Pykh
  Introduction and overview
  R. Lenz (Nurtingen, Germany), I.G. Malkina-Pykh and Y. Pykh (St. Petersburg, Russia) 1
  Part 1: Theoretical and general approaches  
  Indicating ecosystem integrity - theoretical concepts and environmental requirements  
  F. Muller (Kiel, Germany), R. Hoffmann-Kroll and H. Wiggering (Wiesbaden, Germany) 13
  An overview of systems analysis methods in delineating environmental quality indices  
  Y.A. Pykh (St. Petersburg, Russia), E.T. Kennedy and W.E. Grant (College Station, TX, USA) 25
  Derivation of ecosystemic effect indicators - method  
  A. Merkle and M. Kaupenjohannn (Stuttgart, Germany) 39
  Critical environmental indicators: performance indices and assessment models for sustainable rural  
  development planning  
  G. Schultink (East Lansing, MI, USA) 47
  Issues in analyzing data and indicators for sustainable development  
  P. Hardi and J.A. DeSouza-Huletey (Winnipeg, Canada) 59
  From data and theory to environmental models and indices formation  
  I.G. Malkina-Pykh (St. Petersburg, Russia) 67
  Using environmental indicators to quantify the robustness of policy alternatives to uncertainty  
  J.K. Levy, K.W. Hipel and D.M. Kilgour (Waterloo, Canada) 79
  Part 2: Selected examples form the workshop  
  Analysis of landscape pattern: towards a 'top down' indicator for evaluation of landuse  
  A. Bartel (Vienna, Austria) 87
  Assessment of the contribution of land use pattern and intensity to landscape quality: use of a landscape indicator  
  J. Weinstoerffer and P. Girardin (Colmar, France) 95
  Fuzzy indices of environmental conditions  
  W. Silvert (Dartmouth, Canada) 111
  Potential impact model to assess agricultural pressure to landscape ecological functions  
  B. Freyer (Vienna, Austria), Y. Reisner and D. Zuberbuhler (Frick, Switzerland) 121
  Modeling environmental condition with indices: a case study of sustainability and soil resources  
  J.H. Popp (Fayetteville, AR, USA), D.E, Hyatt (Denver, CO, USA) and D. Hoag (Fort Collins, CO, USA) 131
  Combination of two indication systems in pre-alpine lakes - diatom index and macrophyte index  
  J. Seele, M. Mayr, F. Staab and U. Raeder (Iffeldorf, Germany) 145
  A link between ecological diversity indices and measures of biodiversity  
  J. Izsak (Szombathely, Hungary) and L. Papp (Budapest, Hungary) 151
  Using the AMOEBA approach to measure progress toward ecosystem sustainability within a shellfish restoration project in North Carolina  
  F.M. Wefering, L.E. Danielson and N.M. White (Raleigh, NC, USA) 157
  Author index of volume 130 167
  Subject index of volume 130 169
  Contents of volume 130 171

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