Systems Analysis Approach
Yuri A. Pykh
Center for International Environmental Cooperation (INENCO)
St.Petersburg, Russia
Associate editors:
D. Eric Hyatt
US Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park
North Carolina, USA
Roman J.M. Lenz
State University of Applied Sciences
Nuertingen, Germany
Irina G. Malkina-Pykh
Center for International Environmental Cooperation (INENCO)
St.Petersburg, Russia



Section 1. Plenary Lectures

Sustainable Development in the Context of Global Warming Impacts on Biosphere and Human Economic Activity
Budyko Mikhail I. (Russia)

Sustainable forest management in Russia: problems and solutions
Isaev Alexander S., G.N. Korovin (Russia)

Lyapunov Functions as a Measure of Biodiversity: theoretical background
Pykh Yu.A. (Russia)

Social and economic aspects of sustainable development and indicators
Hyatt Eric D. (USA)

Integrated Environmental Assessment of Production Processes.
Mass, energy and emergy based indicators
Ulgiati Sergio, Mark T. Brown, Federico Luchi (Italy)

Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Development and SD Indicators
Lenz Roman (Germany)

Section 2. Systems Analysis Approach for SD Indices Design

Local BAT Selection: Integrated Site Assessment in IPPC-licensing
Krotscheck Christian (Austria)

Highly Aggregated Sustainable Development Indicators: The Example of the Sustainable Process Index (SPI)
Narodoslawsky, M., Ch. Krotscheck (Austria)

Indices for the development and interdependence of dynamic processes
Furasov V.D., Pastoukhova E.V. (Russia)

Factor analysis as a method for classification of polluted areas
Chukanov V.N., Shershnev V.N., Varaksin A.N. (Russia)

Integrated Approach to the Analysis of Investments by Means of Three Synthetic Economic Indicators:
Energetic, Exergetic and Emergetic DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)
Giannantoni Corrado (Italy)

Theory and Practice of Regional Ecological Forecasting
Iskandarjan R.A., Smolina S.G., Khomjakov D.M., Khomjakov P.M. (Russia)

Designing Environmental Indices with Remotely Sensed Data:
Some Practical Aspects
Bychkova I.A., S.V.Victorov, L.L.Sukhacheva (Russia)

Index of Soil Quality: a dynamic interpretation
Poluektov Ratmir A., I.V. Oparina (Russia)

Systems and decision sciences - the research methodology for sustainable development
Kurzhanski A.B. (Russia)

Indicating Ecosystem Integrity as an Ecological Perspective Towards Sustainable Development
Windhorst Wilhelm, Felix Muller (Germany)

System Dynamic Game Theory and Multi-Objective Optimization
Farnsworth Keith D. (UK)

Exergy approach to estimation of processes in geotechnical system
Vorobyev Oleg G., Andrey V.Shamshin (Russia)

Indicators and indices of ecodynamics. Approximation of systems analysis to the problem of
environmental indicators and indices of sustainable development
Muzalevsky A.A. (Russia)

Determination analysis as a method for diagnostics of ecosystem condition
Maximov V.N., Bulgakov N.G., Levich A.P. (Russia)

Hierarchy of Indices as a Tool for Estimation of Complex Ecological Systems under Uncertainty
Hovanov Nikolay V., Yuri V. Fedotov, Victor V. Zakharov (Russia)

Integrated assessment models and response function models: pros and cons for SD indices design
Malkina-Pykh I. G. (Russia)

Section 3. Environmental Indicators in the Framework of SD Indicators

Relating Dairy Farmers' Quality of Life to their Environment
Filson Glen C., Cecelia Paine, James R. Taylor (Canada)

Coefficient of antropogenic pressure and water quality of world lakes and
Frumin Grigory T. (Russia)

Evaluation of Biological Quality of Lotic Ecosystems in Central-Southern Italy:
Different Biotic Indices Compared.
Mancini, L., Tancioni, L., Bernabei, S., Jacomini, C. (Italy)

Assessment of present state of water resources of Lake Ladoga
and its drainage basin using Sustainable Development indicators
Kondratyev S., T. Gronskaya, N. Ignatieva , I. Blinova , I. Telesh and L. Yefremova (Russia)

Measuring Environmental Performance in Asia
Jalal Kazi F., Peter P. Rogers (USA)

Regionalization of the Lake Ladoga drainage basin based on Sustainable Development indicators
Kondratyev S., L. Yefremova, M. Gayenko (Russia)

Applicability of landscape metrics for the monitoring of landscape change:
issues of scale, resolution and interpretability
Lausch A., F. Herzog (Germany)

Ecosystemic effect indicators for agroecosystems
Merkle Andrea, Martin Kaupenjohann (Germany)

Lake districts of European Russia and Finland as indicators of climate change
Gronskaya, T.P., Lemeshko, N.A., Arvola L., Jarvinen, M. (Russia)

Modeling Indicators of Landscape Complexity
Papadimitriou Fivos (Greece)

Current climate warming and the development of building concepts in Finland
and in the north-western regions of Russia
Baikova I.M., Speranskaya N.A., Saria Asko (Russia, Finland)

Indices of sustainable development and the problem of health
Khudoley V.V., N.Ya. Shabashova (Russia)

Environmental impacts of virgin and human-disturbed biota
Gorshkov Victor G., Anastassia M. Makarieva (Russia)

Stationary state and recovery dynamics of natural forest communities:
their significance in estimates of sustainable development
Gorshkov Vadim V., Natalie I. Stavrova (Russia)

Estimation of critical load of sulfur in South Korea
Song-Ung Park (Korea)

Assessment of modern climate change impacts on crops productivity
as an indicators component of global carbon cycle
Menzhulin Gennady V., Savvateyev S. P. (Russia)

Global warming potential, global warming commitment and other indexes
as characteristics of sustainable development in the 21st century

Section 4. International Consensus and the Evolution of Standards

Indicators for Institutional Sustainability:
Lessons from an Analysis of Agenda 21
Spangenberg Joachim H, Stefanie Pfahl, Kerstin Deller (Germany)

Changes, Surprises, Uncertainties, a Holistic Approach…
and You Still Want to Measure It?
Hardi Peter (Canada)

Is it possible to validate an indicator?
Bockstaller C., Girardin P. (France)

Ecogaia - conceptual model of a simbiosis of united Humanity
and sustainable Biosphere
Zubakov Vsevolod A. (Russia)

Environmental Standards and Knowledge-based Legal Information Systems
as Concerns the Need for Sustainable Development
Cammelli Antonio, Elio Fameli (Italy)

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