Message from Principals
Prof. Yu. A. Pykh President

Prof. Yu. A. Pykh

Welcome to the Research Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Cooperation (INENCO).
You will get to know that INENCO is internationally recognised for basic reseach in complex environmental issues.
One of the aims of INENCO is to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary communication among scientists in different areas of environmental research with emphasis on those areas that will most benefit from application of scientific methods to environmental quality assesment and sustainable development.

To make an example, human health is a vital cross - sectoral issue, dependent on continued availability of environmental resources and on the integrity of the environment. In recent years, environmental problems have acquired new dimentions. Everywhere in the world, the environment is changing, as a result of pollution and loss of natural resources - water, land, air, vegetation, and even genetic diversity. All around us we see the deleterious effects of environmental degradation on health.

Another example, human activities are transforming the global environment, and these global changes have many faces: ozone depletion, tropical deforestation, acid deposition, and increased atmospheric concentrations of gases that trap heat and may warm the global climate.

Academician M.I.Budyko Scientific Leader

Scientific Leader

For many of these troubling transforma-tions, data and analyses are fragmentary and scientific understanding is incomplete. Long - term implications are unknown.
The diverse faces of global environmental change are linked both scientifically and politically. Scientifically, because the ability to predict future changes in the environment requires an understanding of the physical, chemical, biological, and social processes that govern the earth, and of the interaction of these processes throughout the earth system. Politically, because policy options to address these problems highlight the need for coordinated international policies relating to energy, technology, land use, and economic development.

Scientists can no longer adhere to the academic definitions of classical scientific disciplines. Scientists are turning help to colleagues in diverse fields, and integrating their studies as they develop a science of the earth.

Also, INENCO has close collaboration with other research institutes and universities in Russia and across the world that makes us different from other institutes.

Co-operation with our highly qualified staff will give you a unique experience in developing your full potential and will be conducive to highly productive research.

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